Tuition & Fees

Bachelor of Nursing Science

Registration Fees50,000 FRW
Nursing Science A1&A0970,000 FRW

year is divided into two equal semesters: 460,000RFW for each semester
Upgrade program1,350,000 FRW

Biomedical science

Registration Fees50,000 FRW
Biomedical science500,000 FRW

Department of Medical Laboratory Technology

Registration Fees50,000 FRW
School Fees700,000 FRW
year is divided into two semesters: first semester is 350,000RFW
Second semester: 350,000RFW

Faculties of Computer Science

Registration Fees50,000 FRW
Internship Cost (Level IV)50,000 FRW
Business Information Technology (FULL TIME)300,000 FRW
Business Information Technology (PART TIME)250,000 FRW
Computer Science Engineering450,000 FRW

First semester: 200,000RFW a Second semester: 200,000RFW

Faculty of Medicine

Registration Fees50,000 FRW
Pre-Clinic: Level I & II1,700,000 FRW semester one: 850,000RFW and semester two: 850,000RFW
Doctorate I-IV2,000,000 FRW semester one: 1,000,000RFW and semester two: 1,000,000RFW

Faculty of Education

Registration Fees50,000 FRW
School Fees250,000 FRW: Semester one: 125,000RFW and semester two: 125,000RFW
  All Payments (Application, Registration and tuition fees) are done through the following bank accounts:
BPR: 463-3229484-11 University of Gitwe
BK: 00560000174584 University of Gitwe

furthermore each student pays four thousand Rwandan francs (4000RFW) to the Student Union per year on account 550411788210139 opened in BPR.

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