UG is an eco-friendly, energy efficient, green & clean, ragging free conducive environment for students, staff, and visitors; you will have a positive experience on the campus.

Parking and Transit Services are one of the efficient and free services we provide at UG which afford comprehensive, customer-focused services that effectively support the academic, professional, extracurricular, athletic, and special event programs at the UG. Be cars, bikes, bicycles to managing special event parking, our security people at the main gate always strive to give each parking user an exceptional experience with our free parking services.

We invest our income in improving our car parking facilities and the campus infrastructure for the benefit of all staff, students, and the wider institute’s community. We will also continue to do the same in sustainable transport services.

Our workplace parking scheme serves for parking for staff, students, and visitors at free of cost. This is the same arrangement that many people currently owning different kind of vehicles apart from the previously cited ones benefit. Once you arrive at the UG, feel free to contact the person in charge at the front gate to get the option to join the workplace parking scheme.

We strive to provide you safe and professional services, whether for parking your car or riding one of our shuttles. For those that use our parking facilities, please take advantage of our new parking scheme which is in operation for 24 hours.

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