This form is designed to collect information about UG's existing students (Students who attended UG before we started online applications system). Registering your identification is done in three steps.

Please, make sure you have completed all three steps.

  • Step 1 - Fill out your basic information.
  • Step 2 - Upload your supporting documents (Each document's size must not exceed 1MB and should be in PDF format)
  • Step 3 - Upload your passport photo (Your photo's size must not exceed 200KB and should be in JPG format)

Please, before you start this process, make sure you have all supporting documents!!

  • One Passport Photo
  • Secondary School Certificate(Notified)
  • Notified copies of report from secondary School (senior 4, 5, and 6)
  • Academic Transcripts for students from other Higgher Learning Institutions (HLI)
  • A copy of National Identity card or a copy of passport (International student)


Read this carefully

  • The first step (filling your basic information) is only possible once.
  • Before you start, make sure you have both valid registration no# and National ID Number.
  • Upon completing the first step, you'll be automatically logged in to continue with the next steps
  • It will be possible to logout and later sign in again to continue with the next steps
  • The E-mail is your username
  • Make sure you have provided the correct/working email as it will not be possible to change it later. It will be used for further communication issues.
  • Note: This is not registration but an information collection process.

Important: Password settings

Your password must be:
  • at least one number, one lowercase and one uppercase letter
  • at least six characters
Example: John81
Example: 8UWIMAna

Click here to Watch Video (Information collection & Registration Tutorials)

Step 1


Important: This form is only used by existing students (It means existing UG's students who attended UG before we started the online application system). If you are not UG's Existing student, please don't fill out this form.
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Father's names:
Mother's names:
Retype Email:
Password:Ex: Johna82K
Confirm Password:
Birth Date:
Place Of Birth:
Marital Status:
Permanent Addresss:
Temporary Address:
National-ID(16 digits for Rwandans):
Actual Employment:
Employer Address:
Last HLI:
HLI Address:
Last Secondary Sch.:
Completion Date:
Grades: Note: If you are a Nursing A0(Upgrade Program) Student, Please type NA in the following Box. Otherwise type your grades/combination:
Mark obtained:
Course(at UG):
Level Status
Level status
Level status
Registaraion Number#(nnn/TTTT/nnn):
Application Session:
Sign With Your National-ID(16 digits):

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