Graduate Student Association

UG is currently one of Rwandan best educational institutes, it has various former graduates, members, employees, contributors as well as former inmates. The most amazing association is the alumini of its former graduate students of the various departments under one banner which was started in order to fortify the bond between them, foster ties between their families and stimulate social and intellectual interests. Beginning with just a couple of chairs and tables, the Club’s transition all through these years has been amazing.

The students of the UG hail from all walks of life and always carry bright memories of the this institution and its Campus, as it aims in promoting a healthy, congenial and academically interactive atmosphere. The former graduates' association was initiated in its own way by the individual departments collecting data about their past students, keeping track of their academic records and achievements and inviting them once in a way to address the present students, staff and administration to discuss on how programme can be worked out effectively for the benefit of the institution and promote the interests of the staff and students.

This Alumni Association highly promotes healthy functioning of the institute and also contribute to the campus development. This alumni unit regularly visits UG and takes active part in organizing the service and cultural activities. Alumni events are held to give UG alumni an opportunity to renew friendships, to provide meaningful engagement opportunities to be involved with the institution and connected to each other. It’s about remembering good times with good people. It’s about celebrating that past and present. It’s about coming home. The Club is a place to re-establish the camaraderie and unity of our former students.

If you are a past graduate of this amazing institute you are invited to join us. Please read the membership information in this site and call or meet us at the club.