Research is considered to be part of the intellectual development of faculties and a visible demonstration to the broader community of UG's commitment to its academic excellence. The Office of Research and Faculty Development seeks to support and enhance this wonderful aspect of the academic life at UG.

Research at UG is a process of inquiry that generates new knowledge. It may involve scholarly, scientific, and creative activities in a field of specialization that results in the development of new insights that are communicated to a broader academic community. It may include the creation, composition, or performance of pertinent works.

The Office of Research and Faculty Development at UG provides services and supports to the faculties and students aiming at contributing to a vibrant research and teaching climate at UG.

Our main goals are to:

  • Support faculties and students in conducting their researches and scholarly engagements at three key stages: planning, implementation, and dissemination/application.
  • Facilitate collaborative research endeavors either between faculties or students where appropriate.
  • Provide a research funding at UG and assist faculties and students in the pursuit of the funded research opportunities.
  • Develop, coordinate, and implement professional development activities and resources for faculties while focusing on a continuous supporting of our consistent excellence in teaching.

We, at UG, intend to build on our potential, entrepreneurial spirit to raise our research productivity in selected fields and to lead the graduate education with a clear vision to be among the top comprehensive educational institutes in the region. Overall our efforts are channelized to yield a High-Quality Research which could make UG’s ambition towards our Nation’s Dream of Vision 2020 effectively.

Research Office,
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