Department of Human Resources

We, at University of Gitwe (UG), are proud of our distinct reputation in creating a positive work environment. The goal of UG's Human Resources department is to support our employees, by providing leadership and services that help them reach their potential, and effectively contribute to the UG's mission achievements.

Employee and Labor Relations assists with general management regarding the developing, maintaining, and improving employee relationships via communication, performance management, processing grievances and/or disputes as well as interpreting and conveying this university's policies. Essentially, Employee and Labor Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving employees which stem out of or affect work situations. In addition, Employee Relations recognizes employees for service contributed to the Pace community and provides assistance with professional growth. Finally, Employee and Labor Relations is responsible for negotiation and administration of the Collective Bargaining Agreements for the two employee Unions on campus.
Managers, supervisors, and staff experiencing difficulties in their work environment are encouraged to contact their designated Human Resources Manager for further assistance and guidance. UG promotes fostering positive professional involvement that contributes to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale.

Human Resources department at UG is responsible for: Coaching and consulting employees and managers with regard to performance management and policy interpretation.

Its duties and responsibilities are detailed below:

  • Help facilitate resolution to work-related issues and concerns;
  • Reward and recognize staff and faculty contributions to UG;
  • Promote wellness in our employees;
  • Provide opportunities for community involvement;
  • Advise on the interpretation of collective bargaining agreements;
  • Maintenance, integrity, and confidentiality of all employee database records and files;
  • Processing all changes to employee records, which impact upon payroll systems;
  • Monitoring transaction requests for consistency with this unversity's policies and practices as well as employment related legislation;
  • Processes all verification requests for active and separated employees;
  • Compliance with all external and legal reporting requirements;
  • Facilitation of all internal and management reporting needs;
  • Supporting the development of all human resources technology requirements.

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